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Meet The Team

Our team consist of experts from various disciplines including ecology, civil and environmental engineering, hydrology, remote sensing, and microbiology. 


Dr. Allison Roy (Project PI)

Freshwater ecologist with more than seven years of research experience on effects of winter drawdown on lakes and streams.


Dr. Caitlyn Butler (Project Co-PI)

Environmental engineer with experience in studying cyanobacterial biofilms in wastewater treatment systems.


Xinchen He (PhD Student)

Research experience in mechanistic and data driven models to simulate and predict algal blooms in rivers.


Dr. Kostas Andreadis (Project Co-PI)

Environmental engineer with expertise in water resources modeling, remote sensing, and data science.


Dr. Colin Gleason (Project Co-PI)

Fluvial hydrologist and remote sensing expert with experience in hydrologic modeling and big data problems for hydrology.

Abhishek Kumar.png

Dr. Abhishek Kumar (Postdoc)

Water quality remote sensing expert with experience in multi-sensor bio-optical modeling and remote sensing of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms in inland water.

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